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Special Introductory Program. As mentioned in our email broadcast. We are making the following offering

Normal Workshop price is 1997.98. Introductory price offer is 997.98 for all March 2009 Workshops. All payments are accepted only through Paypal.

Program Dates and Times;

March 6: 7-9 pm, March 7: 10am-2pm and March 8: 10am-2pm, 2009.
March 27: 7-9pm, March 28: 10am-2pm and March 29: 10am-2pm 2009
Maximum 6 people for each class.

Place: 56 Abberfield Court NE Calgary AB (my home)
Directions will be provided prior to weekend workshop.

What to Bring: Loose fitting clothing, food and snacks to eat. Filtered water will be provided throughout the even

Just go to Paypal, enter our email voicequicken@gmail.com and go from there.

Special Note: The first 10 people who sign up before Midnight February 28, 2009 with have their names put into a draw to pay nothing for the introductory workshop. Also note all participants will receive a copy of my new book. It is a surprise.

Questions go to our contact us page and send an email. We will respond to inquiries within 24-48 hours after receiving all emails.


Online Elocution Program
One2One Program
Portable Voice Enhancement System
Online Elocution Program
One2One Program
Portable Voice Enhancement System

Online Elocution Program
What exactly is the Online Elocution Program?

The Online Elocution Program, are a series of lessons, merely a modern way to improve your oratory skills through the internet rather than in a face to face setting. Using the internet, learners are able to interact with consultants on a one-to-one basis.

Why would I not just take Elocution lessons face-to-face?
Many people do and if this suits you then this indeed may be a favorable option.

However, this does not work for everyone. Some people may feel shy in such situations; some may not be able to commit to regular lessons/times; some may live a great distance from the nearest consultant; some prefer to take lessons in the comfort of their home and many prefer to save money.

The Online Elocution Program provides, the learner with lessons when and where they want, cutting out all the complications. The security, flexibility and cost effectiveness of online elocution lessons appeals to many people.

Does it work?
A simple answer to this would be that if it did not work companies such as ours would not provide the service. Clients keep coming back and new clients are always joining, demonstrating that online tuition does work.

How long do lessons last?

Unlike face-to-face lessons, online elocution lessons last 60 minutes per lesson.

Can I take the lessons whenever I want? Yes and No!

To an extent the answer is yes. Online lessons provide you with the flexibility to take your lessons when you want.

To the extent the answer is no. Online lessons are provided in blocks of time so that our consultants do not over tax their voices. It also gives them maximum time to offer efficient and focused services.

What equipment do I need?

All you need is your computer, and broadband internet connection, a microphone and/or a webcam (some come with built in microphones).

If you do not already use a messenger service please download one of the following:


Should my PC have any particular specifications?

In addition the items mentioned above you should have a PC with:
Minimum 90 MHz pentium processor
For Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Me, 16 megabytes (MB) of RAM
For Microsoft Windows NT, 24 megabytes (MB) of RAM
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.01 or later
A broadband internet connection (can be high speed wireless)

How do I pay?

All elocution lessons must be paid for prior to any lessons commencing. Contact us via e-mail.
For efficiency, we will send an email, which contains booking and payment details. We use this method to save us both time. The email will also contain our PayPal information. www.paypal.com

What about refunds and complaints?

Please read our Terms & Conditions page, which set out our refund, cancellation and complaints policies

One2One Program

What is One2One Program?

This is normally when you meet face to face with our consultant. Each session would normally be customized for you personally – probably following an email exchange or telephone discussion (or both). It’s because of this that the One2One lets you can achieve a lot in a relatively short amount of time.

This can be an ideal solution for your training if you want concentrated personal time from the consultant instead of “sharing” them with a group of other people on a training seminar or course. Alternatively you might not be able to take one or two days off work at a time to attend a course but could spend half a day working on some specific training needs with a coach.

You might want some specific help with a forthcoming speech or business presentation. On the other hand, you might want some personal and of course confidential time reviewing some interpersonal communication issues that you face. Whatever the training need there’s probably a coach or trainer not too far away from you who could help.

One thing to bare in mind though is that the One2One Program with the consultant will cost more taking the Online Elocution Program.

We’d always suggest that you speak to the consultant ahead of the time. We offer a free half hour call. It make’s sure you don’t need to commit any money up front before you get that initial telephone call. Use that call to “sound them out” before you make your final decision. If you like what they say and you feel that the fee they are quoting is reasonable then go ahead and make the booking. If you don’t feel this way, then walk away and continue looking until you are comfortable with someone else.

One2One Programs are offered in either an Intensive 5 day program or the 1 day program. Contact us for more details at VoiceQuicken@gmail.com

Portable Vocal Enhancement Program

Note we are having problems with our printer and searching for a new one. Once a new printer is found we will again start to offer these products. Thank you for your understanding the Voice Quicken Team.

Why is Voice Quicken the best Portable Voice Enhancement product out there to improve overall vocal performance?

Simple-it beats any other system on the market in just 10 minutes. Voice Quicken is the only portable and hyper learning voice improvement system in the world. Between 1997 and 2004, at Queen’s University the designer studied internal acting and martial arts classes and noticed similarities. Awareness of these similarities became the birth of Voice Quicken. No other system in the world lets you be in control of when, where, or how you will improve your voice.

Every other system requires several hundreds of dollars, large amounts of time to improve your voice.

Voice Quickens simple, yet effective system puts you in the driver’s seat. Search the internet for voice improvement systems. They all require too much time and money. Voice Quicken was inspired out of necessity. In university the designer had little time or money. With so many things eating away at his time the designer wanted a simple yet effective system. Like most people time is now the new currency. In today’s helter skelter world of consumption, do people really have the TIME? After several months of frustration the answer was clear. There were no voice products that put the individual in the driver’s seat.

Many more months of research into voice products created only more frustration. The answer to this dilemma came from an unusual source. While at Queens University, the designer took classes in internal martial arts and acting back to back. Information started to gel. The result was uses these two different schools of thought and design a system. The work of Voice Quicken had begun.

Several months passed, countless books and endless websites there came the ah ha moment. There were only really several key areas that were targeted for a better sounding voice. The pattern had begun. All reference material identified the very basic areas of sound. They all drilled down to the lips, tongue, throat, resonators, pitch and vibration. Here was the key to better sound. The key, to acquiring, a better sounding voice with limited time and resources.

The Voice Quicken system is designed to make a person sound great in 10 minutes.

How can I sound great in just 10 minutes?

A level of clarity attainable only with months of practice can be achieved with after several 10 minute practice sessions. The Voice Quicken System will significantly improve the way you sound with just one session. After doing only one session you will hear an immediate difference in the way you sounded before starting Voice Quicken.

Most voice lessons last 1 hour for two of three weekly sessions. Plus the hours of individual practice. Let’s say for every hour of formal practice a person spends 1.5 hours of their own time. Let’s add up the time commitment.

-2 one hour formal instructions equal 2 hours a week
-1.5 hours of individual daily practice 3 times a week is 4.5 hours a week
– Gives us a grand total of 6.5 hours a week
-That’s over 25 hours a month (or three working days)
-In 1 year that’s 36 days’ working days. Think what you could do with that extra FREE time

What would you pay for a month of extra time every year?

Using the Voice Quicken System, you can return your investment in less than 30 days. If the average person who works to improve the way they sound, pays 100-200 dollars per professional lessons 2 times a week for 4 weeks that 8 lessons in 30 days. Voice Quicken takes only 10 minutes a day and we ask for a 30 day trial commitment. Compare the two systems on saving$.

Other time consuming programs can cost the end user between $800 and $1600 dollars a month. Voice Quicken cost significantly less with similar quality results. What could you do with over 1000 dollars in monthly saving$.

How to Sound Great.

The Voice Quicken System was designed to eliminate and have the end user do what is necessary. The system does not get paid by hourly units. In fact Voice Quicken was designed to give the end user back time. Time to do the things they find important. Voice Quicken will not replace expensive formal elocution voice lessons. It is simply designed to give the end user a great sounding voice in optimal time. You also $ave money too.

Voice Quicken was designed and tested with over 5 years of work by the designer himself. He even made it a point to test in out on women. The system is virtually proven to offer benefits beside a great sounding voice.

Here are some of the other benefits you will get from this system

Relaxation– First and foremost Voice Quicken WILL relax all end users. You can’t help but feel your body starting to release built up tension. The designer even included a proven method to reduce stress in less than 30 seconds. A Hindu breath techniques, taught at a university acting class.

Breath– Yes each end user breath will deliver more oxygen to the body. The designer has breathing problems, but with Voice Quicken more air gets into his lungs. Thus they deliver more oxygen for better breath and relaxation.

Focus– When the end user becomes more relaxed due to better exchange of oxygen they can be more focused. In this multitasked, hyper learning, frantically paced world, mental focus becomes almost impossible. Imagine a simple yet effective system to focus the mind. Voice Quicken teaches this internal martial arts secret. The centuries old secret can be applied during the first full Voice Quicken session. This one trick alone can enable busy frustrated 21 century workers to increase their office productivity in less time.

Time– End users who are more relaxed and focused on their tasks can accomplish more. Impress the boss with getting more done in a relaxed focused state of being. Imagine the ability to conquer a stress filled modern work place. In essence it gives each end user more time in their day to catch their breath. Take a moment from their busy schedule to focus regroup and in some cases double their efforts in less time. It all comes from a clearer passage of breath into the lungs which allows for relaxation. It then generates a focused state of mind to get more done in less time.

Voice Quicken makes it all possible. See this system is not just designed to make you just sound great. The additional benefits are the real advantages to this whole system. The designer worked for a major retailer. Where everyday he got stressed because people yelled or screamed over the phone. It was part of his job. He started doing voice exercises at his desk in order to remain calm. Over time his mind became more focused, body relaxed, and work got done at a more efficient pace.

Unlike other products on the market. Voice Quicken delivers its advantages in real time. There is no waiting until the next lesson. Each end user will experience noticeable improvement to their voice with just 1 application. The benefits of time and money are seen immediately for all end users. The results are people who sound great any time any place any where. Now you control when and where to practice and start to sound great.

Remember Voice Quicken is the only system designed to be

-time efficient
-save you $100 or may $ 1000 of dollars every year
-give you over 30 days of free time each year to do what you love to do
-finally Voice Quicken allows you to sound great on your terms.
-it can also be used to prepare for formal talks and speeches or informal dates
-males and females can use this system to sound great
-secrets only taught to high paid executives are now available to everyone
-never again will a person worry about how they will sound for the next surprising talk
-be confident in the sound of your voice and the ripple effects it will have in your LIFE

Order Voice Quicken NOW and start your journey to sounding great in just 30 days.

110% Better-Than-Money-Back-Guarantee Only on the portable system)

If after 30 days your voice does not sound GREAT return the book, keep the audio, refund also includes shipping.