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Elocution Lesson FAQ

What are elocution lessons about?

The voice is probably the most fundamental tool of communication in both the business and social environments. Successful communication necessitates that one’s voice is clear, confident, energetic and expressive. When a voice is all these, it becomes a positive vehicle to communication success.

Elocution lessons simply help people improve their speaking skills.

Who needs elocution lessons?

Elocution lessons are taken by a variety of people. All however have one thing in common, they want to maximize their potential through improving the use of speech.

Clients want the self-confidence, style and skills to be able to speak clearly and effectively. People who our service can help improve their speaking skills are lawyers, not for profits, doctors, yoga therapists, and sales personnel.

NOTE: Our services are not for everyone. Only people who want to improve the way they sound. The way they deliver a talk. One or one thousand, the number does not matter. See we are passionate about acting skills and know first hand how they changed our lives. We want to pass on that knowledge and passion to others. So they fell as confident as we do.

For us this is a passion a calling to focus on just those people who want better communication skills. To give people a set of tools to be confident in themselves to START A CONVERSATION. It seems with all the technology today we forgot how to talk to people. Our programs enable people to feel confident in their abilities to speak up and star a conversation.

These skills are taken and used in a number of environments such as in speeches, sales pitches, negotiations, presentations, interviews or business meetings, coffee shop conversations, bus stops, on the street. Where ever you meet people these skills can be applied.

What do elocution lessons cover?

As all our elocution lessons are tailor to concentrate on those areas you deem important.

There is a number of areas elocution lessons cover including:

Self-Confidence: many people lack the confidence to say what they mean or to project an aura of authority. Elocution lessons increase confidence.

Clarity in Speech: sometimes we know what we want to say but can not get the words out. We provide techniques to help people speak clearly and with purpose.

Pronunciation: the way we speak is molded by the country, region or environment we live in. Polishing people’s pronunciation helps them get their message across.

Public Speaking: speaking to a group of people requires a certain set of skills. Elocution lessons help people speak well in front of audiences. Areas include voice projection, timing and reading from a script/speech.

Grammar: not all of us use perfect grammar which can occasionally result in embarrassment or sounding out of place. Elocution lessons provide grammar coaching that helps make the difference. The final results are achieved through practice lessons, individual letter sound inflection instruction and time.

Who are your elocution coaches?

Our people have combined history in performing in front of tv, movies and stage. All have their own strengths and expertise in helping people improve their elocution.

When are Where do your Elocution Lessons take place?

Our goal is to be the number one online elocution leader in North America. It will take hard work, dedication and time. We are determined to be amongst the best in the World. Our goal is to rival and be the standard upon which all others look to for leadership examples in Online Elocution Lessons.

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