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First and foremost Voice Quicken is an Elocution Consultant Company. Our first-class elocution lessons aim to assist people in maximizing their potential through improving their oral skills.

Elocution refers to the “manner, style, art of oral delivery”. We give our clients the skills and know-how to ensure they deliver high impact interviews, presentations, negotiations or public speeches.

Elocution lessons give you the confidence to convey your meaning, the clarity to ensure you are understood and the class to guarantee positive results.

What do Elocution Lessons offer?

In short, elocution lessons aim to help you become a fantastic speaker. Every person is different and every client that comes to us for assistance has their own needs.

Firstly, the majority of our clients want elocution lessons for a particular purpose. Our clientele come to us because they feel by developing their oral skills they will have greater chances of success in public speaking, presentations, sales pitches, interviews, coaching, one on one situations, or approach new people, .

Secondly, each client will want to concentrate on a particular area of concern. Elocution lessons can cover a number of areas including voice projection, pronunciation, stress, use of grammar/vocabulary, etc. In your elocution lesson you can concentrate on one or all of these skills.

Who Provides the Elocution Lessons?

Our top-notch elocution lessons are delivered by our team of elocution consultants. Our consultants have many years of experience studying in theatre and on-camera work.

How do the Elocution Lessons work?

We shy away from off the shelf manuals and pre-packaged courses. We take a 100% bespoke approach to everything we do and elocution lessons are no different.

We take each client as they come – addressing their particular needs.

As such, each client is seen to individually and a short course designed and delivered specifically for them.

Where do the Elocution Lessons take place?

Voice Quicken is a progressive and forward thinking company. We are working hard to successfully roll out online elocution lessons.

All elocution lessons are therefore carried out online providing a cost-effective, simplified and handy alternative to traditional face to face elocution lessons.

One 2 One Program

Voice Quicken Elocution Consultants are also available for that personal one on one touch. Contact us, by email, for specific price quotes and discuss your individual requirements.

For more information on how the online lessons work, contact us


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